Supporting Character Profile: Haven

No story is complete without some great supporting characters.  This week I’ll introduce you to one of the most critical supporting characters in Aurora’s journey – Haven.

When Aurora first travels to the Den, the headquarters of the International Space Agency on the space station The Magellan, she is an outsider walking into a tight-knit group of young cadets.  Alone and isolated, the only one who approaches her with kindness is Haven.

Right from the moment he sees her, he decides that he wants to be friends with this brave, strong girl.  He walks up to her in a crowded room, extending a hand of friendship.

Haven grew up in the Den, and had been piloting spaceships since he was a child.  He is the best pilot in their class, hands down.  His family is powerful in the military – his two aunts both holding high ranks.

Haven and Santiago

Haven and Santiago

Haven is playful, joyful, and make friends wherever he goes.  There’s a group of people that hang out with him, and Haven effortlessly folds Aurora into this group.

Aurora is lucky to have a friend like him, in a place where she feels ostracized.  He never makes her feel unwanted or unwelcome.  He is always ready to support her, to teach her, but also to learn from her.

Stay tuned for more posts this week about NaNoWriMo, as well as another character profile.

About L. V. Birdsong

I am a writer, and love writing both Gay Romance and Science Fiction novels. I love whiskey, have 2 cats, and love to read!
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