Character Profile: Aurora

You may wonder why I decided to start this behind-the-scenes blog by describing my main character, Aurora, instead of the plot itself.  Well, for me it comes down to my writing process.  What inspires me is people, understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses, their motivations, and how their personality drives them through life.  If you have a really strong character, then ultimately you can throw this character into a myriad of different plots and just sit back and watch the outcome.

When I first conceived of Aurora, I wanted to create a strong female lead character.  There are many novels today where the main protagonist is female, but although I love these novels, I often got frustrated by how these girls so often seemed to rely on their male friends/lovers.  There are some exceptions to this rule, but often the girl is in many ways weak.

Think of the traditional fairy tale concept: beautiful princess, trapped in a tower, prince comes to rescue her.  Or, girl bites poisoned apple, falls into sleep, boy comes to wake her up and it’s the power of their true love that breaks the curse.

Intriguing stories though these are, the woman is in fact victimized, and then needs rescuing by the man.

What if, instead, we told a story where the girl was the one doing the rescuing?

What kind of girl would that take?

Aurora - Character Profile

Aurora – Character Profile image, from Vanishing Aurora

If I can use 3 words to describe Aurora, they would be these:  Strong.  Brave.  Determined.

Aurora is a girl who is determined to, through her own power, change her fate and ultimately that of all humankind.  She doesn’t set out to be a hero – she doesn’t seek power, or glory – she simply wants to do what she thinks is right.  Ultimately, this is her motivation.

She will struggle.  She will have to fight against oppression, and make use of both brains and brawn to get the job done.

A character, just like a human being, is never perfect.  Aurora’s weaknesses are also key to the development of the story and they impact her personal journey.

Aurora’s main weakness is that she’s generally introverted, somewhat anti-social, and doesn’t know very well how to make friends.  However, people are always attracted to her, they are drawn to her strength and bravery, and they want to know her.  But they may break themselves against the walls that she puts up before they ever succeed in getting through.

Once she makes a friend, though, that person is a friend for life.

Aurora is also single-mindedly driven by her goals.  Although this can be seen as a strength, in her case it is a weakness, too.  Because of her single-minded determination, she puts aside less important things, like love.  People who love her may end up feeling cheated, because she won’t respond the way they want.  Not because she isn’t capable of it, but because she denies it.

Ultimately, will Aurora be able to make use of all her strengths, and overcome her weaknesses, in order to accomplish her goal?

Well…. You’ll have to read to see!

Stay tuned in the next blog to get the first synopsis of the book.

About L. V. Birdsong

I am a writer, and love writing both Gay Romance and Science Fiction novels. I love whiskey, have 2 cats, and love to read!
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