Vanishing Aurora is on the way!

In the weeks leading up to the publishing of Vanishing Aurora, a new Science Fiction book, I am setting up this blog to give access to some coveted behind-the-scenes insights into the book’s creation.

I’ve been an author my whole life, but only recently decided to actually publish one of my fictional works.  For me writing is life, writing is passion, writing is core.  I love it and can’t live without it.  I come from a background in production – I’ve worked in everything from live-action movie shoots, to 3D animated shorts, to 2D animated series.  Behind any great piece of work, though, is a great story.  Telling stories is my passion, and I want to share this with the world!

Over the next weeks, you’ll get a sneak peek at my creation process, from how I write, how I conceive my characters, the world they live in, and then how the story itself comes to life.  My process is my own – take insights from it, or suggest ways I can improve it, or simply follow to see the next tidbit that is released prior to the publishing.

Stay tuned this weekend for a preview of Aurora, the main character of this series.

Cover art for Vanishing Aurora

Cover art for Vanishing Aurora

Check out the above draft of the cover art to whet your appetite for more!

About L. V. Birdsong

I am a writer, and love writing both Gay Romance and Science Fiction novels. I love whiskey, have 2 cats, and love to read!
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